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yg钢铁战争:句子成分练习题( 一 )

. 指出下列句中主语的中心词(4分, 4分钟)

① The teacher with two of his students is walking into the classroom.

② There is an old man coming here.

③ The useful dictionary was given by my mother last year.

④ To do today's homework without the teacher's help is very difficult.

选出句中谓语的中心词(10分, 10分钟)

① I don't like the picture on the wall. A. don't B. like C. Picture D. wall

② The days get longer and longer when summer comes.

A. get B. longer C. days D. summer

③ Do you usually go to school by bus? A. Do B. usually C.go D. bus

④ There will be a meeting at the library this afternoon.

A. will be B. meeting C. the library D. afternoon

⑤ Did the twins have porridge for their breakfast?A.Did B. twins C. have D. breakfast

⑥ Tom didn't do his homework yesterday.A. Tom B. didn't C. do D. his homework

⑦ What I want to tell you is this. A. want B. to tell C. you D. is

⑧ We had better send for a doctor. A. We B. had C. send D. doctor

⑨ He is interested in music. A. is B. interested C. in D. music

⑩ Whom did you give my book to? A. give B.did C. whom D. book


① My brother hasn't done his homework.② People all over the world speak English.

③ You must pay good attention to your pronunciation.

④ How many new words did you learn last class?

⑤ Some of the students in the school want to go swimming, how about you?

⑥ The old man sitting at the gate said he was ill.

⑦ They made him monitor of the class.

⑧ Go across the bridge and you will find the museum on the left.

⑨ You will find it useful after you leave school.

⑩ They didn't know who 'Father Christmas' really is.

挑出下列句中的表语(5分, 5分钟)

① The old man was feeling very tired. ② Why is he worried about Jim?

③ The leaves have turned yellow. ④ Soon They all became interested in the subject.

⑤ She was the first to learn about it.


① They use Mr, Mrs with the family name.② What is your given name?

③ On the third lap are Class 1 and Class 3.

④ I am afraid some people forgot to sweep the floor.

⑤ The man downstairs was trying to sleep.

⑥ I am waiting for the sound of the other shoe!

挑出下列句中的宾语补足语(6分, 6分钟)

① She likes the children to read newspapers and books in the reading-room.

② He asked her to take the boy out of school.④ They call me Lily sometimes.

③ She found it difficult to do the work. ⑤ I saw Mr Wang get on the bus.

⑥ Did you see Li Ming playing football on the playground just now?

挑出下列句中的状语(8分, 8分钟)

① There was a big smile on her face.② Every night he heard the noise upstairs.

③ He began to learn English when he was eleven.

④ The man on the motorbike was travelling too fast.

⑤ With the medicine box under her arm, Miss Li hurried off.

⑥ She loves the library because she loves books.

⑦ I am afraid that if you've lost it, you must pay for it.

⑧ The students followed Uncle Wang to see the other machine.

划出句中的直接宾语和间接宾语(5分, 5分钟)

① Please tell us a story.② My father bought a new bike for me last week.

③ Mr Li is going to teach us history next term.

④ Here is a pen.Give it to Tom.⑤ Did he leave any message for me?



① teacher ② man ③ dictionary ④ To do


① B② A ③ C ④ A ⑤ C ⑥ C ⑦ D ⑧ C⑨ A⑩ A


①homework. ②English. ③attention ④words ⑤to go swimming ⑥ he was ill.⑦ him monitor⑧bridge museum⑨ it school. ⑩ who'Father Christmas'really is


①tired.②worried ③yellow.④interested ⑤the first


① family②given③third ④ some ⑤downstairs⑥ of the other shoe!


①to read newspapers and books ②to take the boy ③ difficult④ Lily ⑤ get on the bus ⑥ playing football


① on her face. ②Every night ③ when he was eleven.

④ too fast. ⑤ With the medicine box under her arm ⑥ because she loves books. ⑦ if you’ve lost it ⑧ to see the other machine.


① us, 间接宾语 a story, 直接宾语② me, 间接宾语 a new bike, 直接宾语 ③ us, 间接宾语 history, 直接宾语

④ Tom, 间接宾语 it, 直接宾语 ⑤ me, 间接宾语 message, 直接宾语

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